ICO Swap Distribution

Puregold ICO of PGT is officially conducted in two phases - Pre-ICO and ICO. The targetted maximum number of PGT that will be minted for Pre-ICO and ICO is set at 50,000,000 tokens. Thereafter, no more PGT will be minted.


(PGT verification address; do not send ETH to this address!)

21 DEC 2017 - 6 JAN 2018


700 PGT = 1 ETH
Minimum 3 ETH

15 JAN 2018 - 14 MAR 2018

15/01-28/01 : 15% BONUS
29/01-11/02 : 10% BONUS
12/02-25/02 : 5% BONUS
26/02-14/03 : 0% BONUS

700 PGT = 1 ETH
Minimum 0.1 ETH


Secure and Irrefutable

Operationally Efficient

Decentralized and Open

Global Outreach

Gold Custody

Blockchain is a technology that distributes an open ledger to all nodes connected to the network. In the financial management world, a source of the ledger forms the basis of a trusted system where all related transactions originate from. The same can be said about blockchain. But instead of existing in a large leather bound tome or in a financial management application, blockchains are managed by a distributed set of computing resources working together to maintain that ledger. That is where the relationship between Puregold Tokens and the custodian of the gold assets form the basis to the operation of PG-Pay - the gold payment gateway.

We are the first in Asia to adopt full blockchain eco-system solutions backed by physical gold. At this current moment, you can now use PGT token to buy Singapore minted exclusive limited series physical gold at our retail shop. In the near future, you can easily use PGT token to buy Singapore minted exclusive limited series physical gold directly with ease at our Gold ATM.

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