Puregold.io Jan 11, 2020

Announce the incentives PGG

Dear community

We would like to wish everyone a very happy new year, and also we have some very exciting news to share with all of you!

Ever since the launch of our 2 2nd Generation Gold ATM in December 2018, it has brought us a total combined sales of
SGD 65,988.59. We are very glad to announce the incentives will be shared among token holders in the form of PGG!
All the 13th mths sales reports will be post to our website soon.

Although there were many times our sales were affected by technical faults with the Gold ATM, we are sure that our upcoming 3rd Generation Gold ATM will be a huge upgrade! Technical errors will be minimal, generating more sales, so that we are able to give out our incentives to all of our token holders!

On the month of January 2020, PGG will be given out to our token holders as incentives. We thank you all for your unwavering support in us.

To be able to receive PGG from us, you need to have at least 70% of your PGPay token in your private wallet (Exp: Imtoken) every mth. For example, if you own 1000 PGPay token, there needs to be at least 700 PGPay token in your private wallet. PGPay tokens that are stored in exchange wallets does not count as part of the 70%.

To claim your PGG, please do email us at [email protected]. Do include your wallet address and the quantity of PGPay token owned by you.

Thank you to all our token holders and investors for placing their trust with us. We would not have come this far without you and them. Here’s to a brilliant and fulfilling new year.