Puregold.io Sep 23, 2019

Anyone knows what PGPAY is about?

Did we put in hard earned money into PGPAY hoping it becomes a ‘bitcoin’ success story? Sad to say, we can’t expect a windfall by putting our money into something we know nothing about. Fortunately, The PGPAY project is truly one of genuine value and created with real world purpose. Something important for us to understand first is why PGPAY and PGG are implemented.

In the endeavour to prosper the Gold ATM and PGPay App by encouraging the wider use of gold, Puregold offers two unique digitized tokens, the PGPAY (PureGold Token – Singapore) and the PGG. The PGPAY is a cryptocurrency supported by Gold and offered as a utility token with the aim to offset transaction fees at discounted rates. PGPAY can also be used in the exchange for goods and services when the time come, wherever it is accepted. The PGG is Puregold Gold and gold is real currency that takes the form of digitized gold ( where 1 PGG = 1 gram of gold ) and is completely transparent in its logistical procedures regarding the gold kept in third party storage. At the discretion of Puregold, PGPAY may also be exchanged for PGG.

For every purchase of Gold from the Gold ATM, Puregold periodically stipends 0.2% of its earnings to PGPAY holders (in proportion to the amount of PGPAY they hold) in the form of PGG. PGPAY holders also enjoy a discount  in purchasing Gold  at the puregold.com.sg website using PGPAY.

In a similar way, PGPAY holders also have the freedom to buy gold at spot price on the PGPay Payment gateway using PGPAY in time to come. In the revenue generated by gold sales and merchant partnership on the PGPay platform, 0.2% of the profit is also distributed periodically to PGPAY holders in the same way the Gold ATM does.

Puregold Group does its part in remembering its supporters and shares its earnings with PGPAY holders. For the above rewards, Puregold distributes the incentives in the form of PGG via the PGPay App.

Incentive Table of PGPay holders in SGD (payout in PGG) (1PGG = 1g gold) Gold price is spot price (Payout every 3 mths)

A rough example above in table form shows the gainable incentives of PGPAY holders. We can observe the comparisons made between those who hold more PGPAY and those who hold less and understand the significance in holding a greater amount of PGPAY. Thus, just based on the above, PGPAY Holders could be incentivized with a total of 0.4% - 0.7% of passive income in the form of gold shared from the company's gains and save up so much more in their investment in gold. There are many more perks to holding PGPAY that are currently in the works and on their way to becoming rolled out, but one thing remains for sure, which is the greater the amount of PGPAY possessed, the greater the amount of gold received from Puregold.

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