Puregold.io Oct 31, 2019

PGPay Token IEO

Dear Community,

To expand our business to Asia Pacific, we are now offering our PGpay token to friends and partners who are interested to support our projects in GOLD ATM and Payment Gateway System (PGpay), using physical gold to transact payment for your daily needs.

We would like to expedite the Initial Exchange Offering “IEO”, but to be listed in an Exchange, we will need to queue for the available dates. Please stay tune with us, while we are in the midst of arranging with other Exchanges too.

The first “IEO” has been fixed on 16th Nov 2019 and 23rd Nov 2019, please visit https://vindax.com for info.

Before we enter into the first “IEO”, we would like to offer our friends and partners this attractive package. Investors who invest our Package 4 (PGpay token 50,000), will receive an additional 10% token. On top of this, you will also receive an additional 10g (999.9) physical gold bar from us.

Each PGPay token will be selling at USD0.40. Do support us NOW and get your additional 10% token plus a 10g gold bar BEFORE 16 Nov 2019.

Only 10 million tokens will sold. After 15 Nov 2019, one token will be priced at USD0.45, so HURRY and get your PGPay token now!

Grab this opportunity and click on the link to purchase: https://www.puregold.io/form/