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    Puregold ICO is now closed. We sincerely thank all the participants who supported us.

    PGT is now listed on OEX.


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ICO Swap Distribtion

Puregold ICO of PGT is officialy conducted in two phases - Pre-ICO and ICO. The targetted maximum number of PGT that will be minted for Pre-ICO and ICO is set at 50,000,000 tokens. Thereafter, no more PGT will be minted.


(PGT verification address; do not send ETH to this address!)

Pre-ICO 21 Dec 2017 - 6 Jan 2018

20% Bonus
700 PGT = 1 ETH
Minimum 3 ETH

ICO 15 Jan 2018 - 14 Mar 2018

15/01-28/01 : 15% Bonus
29/01-11/02 : 10% Bonus
12/02-25/02 : 5% Bonus
26/02-14/03 : 0% Bonus
700 PGT = 1 ETH
Minimum 0.1 ETH

Introduction Video

Take a short tour of what this ICO is all about.

Corporate Video



Budget & Use of Funds

To foster a strong community of users for PGT, a large portion of our budget will go into marketing and geo-expansion of PG-Pay. Our aim is also to promote international and global acceptance of PG-Pay as a fast transacting and efficient payment method for digital gold transactions. Furthermore, asset caches have to be installed in major countries for fast cross border settlement.

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Our Partners

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a technology that distributes an open ledger to all nodes connected to the network. In the financial management world, a source of the ledger forms the basis of a trusted system where all related transactions originate from. The same can be said about blockchain. But instead of existing in a large leather bound tome or in a financial management application, blockchains are managed by a distributed set of computing resources working together to maintain that ledger. That is where the relationship between Puregold Tokens and the custodian of the gold assets form the basis to the operation of PG-Pay - the gold payment gateway.

Secure and Irrefutable
Decentralized and Open
Operationally Efficient
Global Outreach
Gold Custody



Our Team Members

Meet the talents behind

Meet the team behind this ICO. A majority of us are extremely well travelled Singapreans with an Asian and Global mindsets. From the East to the West, our team members bring to the table a diverse range of top-expertise, knowledge and experiences from Finance, Asset Management, Technological, Marketing and Communication. We've built an amazing team at Purgold.io that will make our vision come true.

Andy Loh

CEO and Founder

Widely respected figure in Asia's commodities and precious metals industry. Founder of puregold.sg, a reputable Gold and Bullion Currency. Andy pioneered private gold production in Singapore and Asia's first gold ATM machine.

Christopher Bridges


LLB (Hons)(London), MSIArb, ACIArb, Director Christopher Bridges Law Corporation. Besides as a General Litigator, he has keen interest in legal aspects of Fintech industry. He was involved in COSS and ZILLA iCO.

Aaron Troy Cassar

Co-Founder of Natures Coin

Degree from Queensland University in Accounting, Marketing and Retail Management. 15 years experience in membership marketing strategies, loyalty payment solutions, merchant payment and card system.

Lee Kai Mun

Chief of Technology

Engineer by training and has a Master Degree in Management of Technology. More than 20 years in the IT industry focusing on secured backend system and payment gateways.

Eric Alexandre

Jetcoin Founder / Blockchain Advisor

Eric is a creative director and helps promising talents to develop professional grade image. He spearhead the “Jetcoin Institute”, an organization aimed at financing the development of young athletes and artists through ‘jetcoin’.

Kayson Toh

Key Adviser

Bach. Business Administration. Kayson has been investing into cryptocurrencies businesses since 2014. In 2016, he was awarded as a Digital Currency Council (DCC) Certified Professional.

Leong Keat Sung


Certified Public Accountant Australia (CPA Aust.), Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP), Chartered Accountant Singapore (CA Singapore).

Koh Wee Lit

Project Adviser

Ph.D in Computer Engineering. CEO and founder of Red Hare Studios. He is also an advisor to Snap Innovations – an A.I. development company specifies on market trading algorithm.

Tan Lian Chai


Bac. of Engineering, started his career in IT during the dot com era. More than 20 years in the IT industry providing consultancy and project management.

Elias Tan

CEO & Founder At Bitcrypto.Asia

His clients range from Legal and Banking Professionals to High Net-Worth Individuals. Furthermore, he also has 4 years of experience working under Top Lawyers from Global & Singapore's Big Four Firms in the Asia Pacific Region.

Anna Pelova

Contributing Writer

Writer in Blog Chain and Cryptocurrency. A published author, with two guidebooks, magazine articles, and a novel under her name. Anna is always present ICO networking events.

Kok Woei Tang, Jenson

Project Adviser

Bach. Business Administration - Finance. Professional Certification Practicing Management Consultant (SBACC). Expert in investment portfolio and finance management.

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