Andy Loh
CEO and Founder

Widely respected figure in Asia's commodities and precious metals industry. Founder of since 2010, Andy has created a reputable private mint, set up retail shops with strong local and global client base and also established a strong foothold in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. He has pioneered a full-cycle private minting production chain for mass physical gold productions in Singapore and achieved a remarkable Best Sales Award in He has also launched Asia's first Gold ATM machine and first Payment Gateway to use gold-backed tokens, making 21st Century digital currency a reality.

Ralph Jerome Abulencia
Chief of Technology

Jerome is a Senior Web Developer, Detail-oriented IT professional with nine years of experience as an applications programmer on large-scale data base management systems.

Lin Hwee Tay

Hwee Tay is a multi disciplined serial investor and business integrator from Singapore. His passion spans the area of design, education, healthcare, cryptocurrency and real estate. For the past 18 years, he has brought value to many businesses in the capacity of an entrepreneur, educator and industrial designer.

Christopher Bridges

LLB (Hons)(London), MSIArb, ACIArb, Director of Christopher Bridges Law Corporation. Besides as a General Litigator, Christopher has keen interest in legal aspects of Fintech Industry. He was involved in COSS and ZILLA ICO.

Kenneth James
Key Advisor

Ken fields are in marketing for almost 5years in experienced on social media marketing, seo,community manager, brand ambassador, HR, ICO adviser, sales representative, public relations, content/copy writer and growth hacker.

He created a Facebook page to educate Filipinos with his passion and knowledge about blockchain. He has a good contributions on different blockchain projects.

Eric Alexandre
Jetcoin Founder / Blockchain Advisor

Eric is a creative director and helps promising talents to develop professional grade image. He spearhead the "Jetcoin Institute", an organization aimed at financing the development of young athletes and artists through 'jetcoin'.

Billy Chiam
Marketing Officer

Billy principal areas of practice are in sales and marketing, with a notable empahsis in corporate minting and precious metals industry.

He also have a strong background in IT, online marketing including SEO, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing and branding for 10 years.

Peter Cris
Marketing Director

Peter Cris Nabida is a social media community manager and Consultant who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to grow their online business presence. He is also an advisor in various blockchain projects. Through dedicated research and strategy implementation, he stays in-the-know for all thing’s social media.

Aaron Troy Cassar
Co-Founder of METEX - Metals Exchange

Aaron is the Chairman of the METEX Co-operative in Australia who are launching a metals token exchange in late 2018 that will see PureGold being listed on it. Aaron assisted several blockchain startups including, and He has fifteen years of experience in providing consulting work with publicly listed companies in Australasia on membership marketing strategies, loyalty payment solutions, merchant payments, and also debit card programs.

Noel Clarion
Senior Blockchain Consultant

Noel has experience in architecture of scalable and secure blockchain nodes, wallet infrastructure and development of DApps, Smart Contracts, and ERC20 Tokens.

Yongho Yoon
Head of Business Development Korea

Yoon is a highly respected figure as a Social Security Governor. He spearhead the Social Security Company in South Korea.


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